If you’ve lost your morals or you’ve lost your hearts,

You’ll be dissected and used for parts,

By a shaolyn master of martial arts,

Using knives guns spears and darts.

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The Message

The message I have can no longer wait.

To hold a man captive brings anger and hate.

Volatile emotion sealing there fate.

Set them free before it’s too late.

Slavery no longer an issue of race.

Step Out of line, they’ll put you in place.

Hide from the public what you must face.

Labor for wages such a disgrace.

Instigated, frustrated, segregated, feeling hated,

separate me from this monster you’ve created.

No compassion with the badge your flashing.

Change is needed in a loving way.

The system you have can no longer stay.

Set them free before they rise up in rage.

Tear down the cage.

Build up a stage.

Perform a new song.

As one we are strong.

If you seek the solution,

The problem will break.

If you seek only profit,

It’s a mistake.

Drugs, money, addiction, and crime.

Employ judges, lawyers,  and cops all the time.

The pore and the sick profit the strong.

The trap that’s been set is wicked and wrong

The system you have is a criminal scam.

Ran by men who don’t give a damn.

Wake up and set them free! Wake up and set them free!

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Hello world!

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Last night I was hangin out on Haight St. with some musicians at about
2:15 am and three guys in an old 4 door maroon Lincoln ask me if I have a
light, so I walk up to the guy in the back and hand him my lighter and
ask if he has a smoke. The driver hits the gas and I grab on to the door
as they are trying to steal my light. As they speed up I wonder if I
should lift my feet and swing them in to the car and decide not to
because the light ahead is red. I let go and run after them. They took a
right turn north and I’m on there ass. I ran out of breath and yelled,
"I’ll take on all three of you!" They turn around and head the direction
they came from and I grab a brick, as they pass me and run after the
car again and as I get closer they shoot some kind of fire works at me
which pissed me off even more. I could have launched the brick and
shattered the rear window but I wanted to get control of the car. So I run to catch up and they got away.
 Then they come back. So here I go again chasing the car on foot in
steel toe redwing boots and I keep getting almost close enough to launch
my self on to the car but every time I’m almost there they speed up.
 They got away with my lighter. Damn.
 Man that was fun.
 So the guys that witnessed the incident said I should be a running back. LOL.
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Personal Time Line

1/1981.           I had a vision of playing music and from that
point on knew that I wanted to be a musician.

12/25/1981.    Got my
first drum set. It was a Muppet kit.

9/01/1983.      Started
playing the violin at Banneker elementary.

Started playing the clarinet at Douglas elementary.

Started playing the bass clarinet at Central middle.

Started playing the tuba and trombone at Indian Trail junior high.

11/01/1989.    Started
playing the guitar at Kaw Valley Children’s center.

Started playing the tenor sax and drums at Leavenworth High.

8/12/1991.      Started
playing drums at Burrton High.

2/05/1992.      Started
playing drums at Bonner Springs high.

8/07/1993       Started
playing drums and guitar at Church House of Westport

9/07/1994       Started playing drums at the Mutual Musicians

Started playing drums with Buford Foz Dick- (Judd Becker).

8/10/1995       Started
playing percussion with Mark and David Garlitos

Started playing percussion with Simplexity.

Started working with SECT theatrical supplies.

Started playing drums with Edgar SanGaberal , David Blood, and Bob Coonz

Started playing percussion with the Poppa B.J. jazz quartet.

Started playing percussion with Transcendental Hay Ride.

Started playing drums with Sowin and Dan.

10/11/2006     Started
playing percussion with Edgar and Mike Miranda in Los Deablaos.

11/10/2006     Started playing drums with the Top Cat jazz quartet.



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Take a peak

a peak

People say I change when I loose my smile

But some times it’s hard to smile when that’s
not how I feel.

Some times I forget about the reflection of
my expression

When I hit a lonely depression.

If you see me looking down with a frown

Please don’t take offence, some times I
where my emotions on my sleeve.

But please don’t hesitate to let me know if
I’m bringing you down

Because that is not my intention.

My true desire is to lift you higher

So you can see through the eyes of

And when you get there please don’t forget
about me

I want to take a peek too.

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Specimen for your flyswatter

for your flyswatter.

What I seek is compassion so I guess I
should show more of it

But some times I become blind from the
theater in my mind

And forget that I don’t have to act upon
those thoughts that rise

To the surface, stirring emotion like a
magic potion.

 I wish to see from a cosmic view with out the restraints of

And see beyond these silly moments that
seem to hold us hostage.

Some times we need to let go of what we
think we know because knowledge

Can change according to perspective and
flexibility is much more user friendly.

I find that we all want to be noticed and

At least I do any way and will go to great
extents to impress people,

Even those who don’t give a damn and to
them I’ve become a gnat

Buzzing in their ear, But before you swat
me down for being a clown

Show me what you see…

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